Wednesday, November 15, 2006

attempt at capturing essence of rekha (bollywood actress).... Velu, for you! :)


Φ said...

I won go that far and call it amateurish, my my..instrument doesn't matter its how you perceive things around you does. You have an eye for that..quite creative, also am not a pro of any kind..

I do with cannon g6, I have problems only during nightmodes without a stand..hmm thats a diff story..

verses, how can I not write one when there is so much to derive inspiration from Eau D'ame madamoiselle..will do soon

Au revoir

Φ said...

freut mich meine dame


Anonymous said...

show him that other one!!

Φ said...

ach so mein liebes.. :)

Wie Ghet es? Was ist passiert? :)

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